Some of the things I’ve done…

How does one describe who one is in a few words? Generally, we seem to define ourselves by what we do. What I do is take photographs, walk on the beach, work at being an environmentalist and watch movies. What I’ve done is carpentry, art, architecture, art history, radio, psychotherapy, worked in a hardware store, washed a lot of dishes, changed a lot of diapers at a Montessori school, worked for one day as a deck hand on a whale watch boat, lived in some intentional communities, made love to some really beautiful women, gotten married twice, divorced once, collected books, sold most of them, taught myself to play the guitar, played in some pretty bad rock bands, learned some Mozart on the piano, interviewed Dizzy Gillespie, hung out with Hope Davis at her Greenwich Village apartment, rode an elevator with Kurt Vonnegut, introduced myself to Betty Carter, did sound for Liv Taylor, moved to Saskatoon for a year, rode in a cab with Clement Greenberg, spent a week in Berlin with my German artist girlfriend, spent a week in the south of France with my German artist girlfriend and two of her friends, traipsed around the Tate Modern, visited my sister in Haiti, hung out at the Algiers in Cambridge, studied Polarity, told some really bad jokes, listened to Harold Clayton play the grand piano, watched Merce Cunningham dance in New York, Berlin and Beacon, climbed up to Kaaterskill Falls, swam in the Swift River, bobbed in the Cold River, Swum in the West River, skinny dipped in Buzzards Bay with a bunch of friends, overslept, underslept, taught myself PhotoShop, became addicted to Twitter, photographed a wedding, earned two Masters degrees, worked with a Hasselblad, cooked Indian food, made French pastry, eaten at some really great restaurants, spent countless hours in museums in New York, DC and Boston, built my own house, survived the New Jersey Turnpike, studied philosophy, created a huge quotes database, bought my own pants, won tickets to see Henny Youngman in Cambridge, managed some apartment buildings in Boston, bussed tables at the Union Oyster House, wrote some poetry, worked as a journalist and classical music reviewer, moved to California…


6 thoughts on “Some of the things I’ve done…

  1. You can really look back at a life well spent. So many great adventures in so little time.
    In Peace
    carol gesell

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