Paul Update September 26, 2012

McHenry Library Eating Area, UCSC

Reading “Gravity’s Rainbow” and drinking a Scarlet Begonia, reputedly named for a Dead tune. The Dead exhibit is just around the corner. I’m sure you know that this UCSC library houses the Grateful Dead archives, which my brother Rand, as an archivist, has some connection to. It is a pleasant enough day: sunny and warm, and the surrounding redwoods’ towering is visible through the huge windows. There’s even a halfway decent sculpture out on the plaza. 

Every day is Armageddon, as you know, it’s just that it is happening in really, really tiny episodes. Is that boy in the green shirt and cap walking toward me the Antichrist or a Letter from my Beloved? Hard to tell. But he would deny that that’s brimstone in his pocket, mark my words, in any case.

Life continues on. So to speak. The trees are dripping. Is that laughter or sadness? I’m putting one foot in front of the other. Waiting for a Revelation of some sort. I’ll settle for an epiphany. Or even a decent thought.


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